Our offer

Diagnostics, maintanance and repair of Land Rover and Jaguar cars

Every Land Rover and Jaguar is welcome at our workshop! We try to approach each car individually to meet the expectations of its owner. We always strive to determine the actual cause of damage and the objective state of car parts.

We provide technical support in the event of break down.

We have a trained team of specialists and many years of experience in servicing and repairs of these brands.

All inspections and repairs are carried out based on the original Land Rover / Jaguar technical documentation. We document all repairs in detail.

There is no other car service center so specialized in repairs of both brands within a radius of 200 km.

At Auto Ars you can buy any part for Land Rover and Jaguar.

We offer:
1. computer diagnostic using devices dedicated for the Land Rover / Jaguar brand,

2. mileage reviews in accordance with the Land Rover / Jaguar specification or extended based on our experience in the service of both brands (Auto Ars recommendation),

3. repair of any mechanical defects of the engine, drive systems, suspension, brakes, etc.,

4. repair of electrical installations,

5. repairs of electrical installations,

6. Chip Tuning: engine remapping, installing Quantum Tuning packages,

7. replacement and storage of tires and wheels,

8. air-conditioning – maintanance and repairs,

9. detailed technical car check and advice before buying,

10.  in the event of a break down on the road, we offer recovery service,

11. for Land Rover: equipping cars with OFF ROAD accessories (covers, sills, lifting sets, winches, hooks, off-road tires, etc.),

We provide spare parts for all repairs.